CATPA Rules & Regulations


Rules: CATPA RULES 2018


CATPA operates under CTCPA Rules with additional Club Rules as listed below:

These rules and regulations are embodied in our by-laws and they are to be followed by all our members.

Changes for 2018 are written in bold letters.

  1. POINTS:
  • No points for year-end prizes will be awarded to the open or limited open classes.
  • For all classes except the open and limited open, points are tracked for teams and individual riders.
  • For all classes except the open and the limited open, points are awarded for all teams beat. Only teams that make the third or half back receive points. Top ten teams receive bonus points. If there are 50 teams entered and a half back, then 25 teams receive points. First would get 49 +10 = 59 points. Second would get 48 + 9 = 57 points.
  • Year-end prizes will be awarded based on point standings accumulated by teams and individual members from their best seven (7) out of the (10) ten sanctioned shows.
  • The number of qualifying shows for the Regional Finals shall be determined annually by the executive. For the 2018 season it is six (6) shows.
  • The youth riders must have entered at least five (5) of the ten (10) sanctioned shows in order to qualify for the Regional finals.


  • All show entries are entered on-line. All queries or changes will be directed to the web site at
  • Teams must be entered by 8:00 P.M. on the Tuesday prior to the show date
  • Team and individual cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to show start time. Any cancellations later than this will be subject to a $50.00 cattle fee before you ride in another CATPA show.
  • Substitutions are to be made at least 24 hours prior to the show. Extenuating circumstances may apply.
  • All unknowns must be filled by the start of the second go of the preceding class. If not filled by that time, the team will be scratched.
  • Only one unknown per team is permissible.
  • Late entries in all sanctioned classes will be accepted provided cattle are available.
  • In all classes a rider can ride with another rider twice.
  • Open Class can be entered a maximum of 8 times. Of these, 4 must be Limited Open entries. The open and limited open class will be run as an open handicap with a half a second off for every number under 21. There will be no year end points or prizes for the open or limited open class.
  • A rider entering the limited open or the open class will automatically be entered on a draw team in the open class. This team is to be included in the total number of rides allowed.
  • Total Limited team rating has to be a maximum of 11.
  • Limited Open teams must be clearly entered as such.
  • Open teams have the option of running in the Limited Open.
  • The 10 class will have an 8 incentive class included. Total limited team rating for this class must be a maximum of 8. There will be a total of 5 rides within this class. If a rider rides 5 times, at least one ride must be an 8 team and vice versa.
  • The 7 and 5 classes have a maximum of 4 rides per person.
  • The Seven Class has a wild card draw team entry for #1 and #2 riders. Each rider can enter once as a draw entry and will be assigned a higher number rider to make up the team (not to exceed 7).
  • Riders in the Five Class can enter once as a draw team entry.
  • The senior youth class is capped as a 6 class.


  • Entry fees are $45 per rider
  • Open class entry fees are $55 per rider and the additional $10 is added directly to the Open Class Payout.
  • Limited Open entry fees are $65 per rider. The additional $10 will be added directly to the Limited Open class payout. The payout of this additional fee is 100%.
  • The 8 incentive class has an entry fee of $55. The additional $10 will be added directly to the 8 class payout. The payout of this additional fee  is 100%.
  • Each rider is responsible for his own entry fees.
  • There will be a $25 NSF cheque fee payable before being allowed to compete again.


  • Members from other Associations can pay a $25 fee to ride CATPA for one two-day show; otherwise a full membership is required. The volunteer levy will be waived for these individuals.
  • All persons becoming members of CATPA are subject to the volunteer levy.
  • All riders entering the arena must be CATPA members to initiate insurance.
  • Your CTCPA rating card must be evident while riding.


  • Number of goes per class will be 1/3 back for Open (including limited open) and 10 classes (including 8 incentive) and 1/2 back for the 7 and 5 classes if under 70 entries.
  • If the entries exceed 70, it will be reduced to 1/3 back for the 7 and 5 classes.
  • The Open and 10 Classes will also have a top 10.
  • Time allowed for Open, 10 and 7 Classes is 60 seconds.
  • Time allowed for 5 and Youth Classes is 75 seconds.


  • In the event that inclement weather should force the cancellation of a show, the Directors shall make every effort to have a cancellation decision by Friday noon prior to the show. And that decision will be posted on the website at that time.
  • No Alcohol will be consumed in the facility where the penning is being held including within 25 Meters of the arena while a CATPA show is in progress. CATPA is responsible to have this posted at the facility as per the AGM Oct. 25, 2012.
  • All herds of fresh cattle must be run through the pen before being used for the first time. This would include all cattle herds regardless of when they have been previously settled. If a herd is removed before all numbers have been used, the herd may be brought back in to finish all numbers.


CTCPA show rules and regulations apply.

The following link will take you to our official club by-laws Official CATPA club By-Laws