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Miles has posted more photos on his web site from 2014 shows so click on the above and look for the dates of the this years shows to see the new pictures.

2013 Year End Award

2013 Open Class Awards
2013 Open Class High Point team 1st Place;  Jack Richardson, Ron Marcinek  and Jeff Diegal SRN_2324 copy
2013 Open Class High Point Team 2nd Place;  Cavan McMullan, Brad Shuck, and Chuck McNeil SRN_2323 copy
2013 Open Class High Point Team 3rd Place;  Wally McComish, Vern Hamilton, and Larry Cressman SRN_2320 copy
2013 Open Class High Point Rider;  Jeff Diegal SRN_2327 copy
2013 Ten Class Awards
2013 Ten Class High Point Team 1st Place;  Jody Riedel, Mandy Royko, and Amanda Goodwin SRN_2333 copy
2013 Ten Class High Point Team 2nd Place;  Cavan McMullan, Ron Marcinek, and (missing) Beau Riedel SRN_2330 copy
2013 Ten Class High Point Team 3rd Place;  Larry Cressman, Wally McComish, and Miles Wright SRN_2328 copy
2013 Ten Class High Point Rider of the Year;  Jody Riedel SRN_2334 copy
 2013 Seven Class Awards
2013 Seven Class High Point Team 1st Place;  Cliff Denham, Bev Mailer, and Don Badry SRN_2345 copy
2013 Seven Class High Point Team 2nd Place;  Barrie Price, Lori Bolin, and Don Badry  SRN_2342 copy
2013 Seven Class High Point Team 3rd Place;Cavan McMullan, Rene O’Rourke and Greg Sokolik  SRN_2340 copy
2013 Seven Class High Point Rider of the Year;  Don Badry SRN_2346 copy
2013 Five Class Awards
2013 Five Class High Point Team 1st Place;  Greg Sokolik, Tracy Connatty, and Don Badry SRN_2353 copy
2013 Five Class High Point Team 2nd Place;  Leanne Murray, Don Badry, and Charlene Smith SRN_2351 copy
2013 Five Class High Point Team 3rd Place;  Rene O’Rourke, Shiela Walker, and Cody Walker SRN_2349 copy
 2013 Five Class High Point Rider of the Year;  Don Badry SRN_2355 copy

Youth Riders Senior and junior

 Junior Youth;  (Back row)  Brayden Oblak, Cassidee McMullan, Danny Lesage, Addison Hull, Brianna Sigoin, and Danielle Sigoin.(front row)  Daryn Lesage, and Serenity Enders
SRN_2336 copy
 Senior Youth; (back row) Josie Abraham, Hope Enders, Jacob Yasinski, Cassidy Allan, Jessica Bickford, (front row) Karissa Enders, Shaelynn Enders 
SRN_2338 copy

2013 Individual Award Winners

Howard Krebbs Award;  Tracy Connatty SRN_2311 copy
Rookie Of the Year;  Cody Walker SRN_2317 copy
Elwood Sawby Award for Most Improved Rider;  Victoria MacDonald SRN_2313 copy
Linda Berrell Award for Horsewoman Of the Year;  Leanne Murray directors_leanne
Jim Gilbert Award For Horse Of the Year;  Docs Red Hotrodder owned by Brian Oblak SRN_2356 copy

Rockin H’ High point Buckle Winners

Open Class; Larry Cressman
Ten Class; Ron Marcinek
Seven Class; Jack Richardson
Five Class; Leanne Murray
SRN_2358 copy

2013 Regional Finals Winners

Open Class Winning Team;  Pat Bolin, Josie Abraham, and Darryl Bruce
SRN_2408 copy
 Open Class High Point Rider;  Wally McComish
SRN_2410 copy
Ten Class Winning Team;  Pernell Relitz, Crystal Sears, and Cavan McMullan
SRN_2412 copy
Ten Class High Point Rider;  Bill Enticknap
SRN_2414 copy
Seven Class Winning Team;  Jack Richardson, Shiela Walker, and Beau Riedel
SRN_2417 copy
Seven Class High Point Rider;  Beau Riedel
SRN_2419 copy
Five Class Winning Team;  Charlene Smith, Don Badry, and Leanne Murray
SRN_2421 copy
Five Class High Point Rider; Don Badry
SRN_2422 copy (1)
Tom Milne Fastest Time Award; Larry Cressman, Wally McComish and Miles Wright
SRN_2424 copy


2012 Year-End Awards

Ten Winners: Larry Cressman, Wallace McComish, Miles Wright
Seven Winners: Vikki Milne, Chuck McNeil, Beckie Nickerson
Five Winners: Brian Oblak, Leanne Murray, Lindsay Gray
Open Hi-Point Rider: Kurt Robson
Ten Hi-Point Rider: Cavan McMullan
Seven Hi-Point Rider: Heather Stairs
Tom Milne Fast Time Award: Pernell Relitz, Sheila Walker, Rob Schalk
Rockin’H Open Rider: Darryl Bruce
Rockin’H Ten Rider: Vern Hamilton
Rockin’H Seven Rider: Bev Mailer
Rockin’H Five Rider: Faye Birrell
Ellwood Award:
Linda Burrell Award:


2012 Regional Finals


Open Class Winners: Harold Bayes, Cavan McMullan, Jeff Diegel
Ten Class Winners: Kurt Robson, Jody Reidel, Beau Reidel
Seven Class Winners: Brian Oblak, Ellwood Sawby, Lindsay Gray
Five Class Winners: Joyce Enders, Hope Enders, Amanda Goodwin
Jr. Youth Winners: Brianna Sigouin, Mandy Schalk
Open Hi-Point Rider: Larry Cressman
Ten Hi-Point Rider: Bev Mailer
Seven Hi-Point Rider: Brian Oblak
Five Hi-Point Rider: Joyce Enders


20120818 BullPen


Open Winners: Cavan McMullan, Ron Marcinek, Darryl Bruce
Ten Winners: Carther Rice, Deanne McMullan, Bob Bolin
Seven Winners: Bruce Stewart, Rob Schalk, Barrie Price
Five Winners: Mandy Royko, Sheila Walker, Jody Reidel
Jr Youth Winners: Briann Sigouin, Wally McComish, Addison Hull


20120714 Rockin’H


Open Winners: Kurt Robson, Jen Robson, Darryl Bruce
Ten Winners: Dave Hueppelsheuser, Leanne Cressman, Larry Cressman
Seven Winners: Barrie Price, Mandy Royko, Amanda Goodwin
Five Winners: Joyce Enders, Brandee Kromm , Hope Enders
Sr Youth Winners: Shaelynn Enders, Hope Enders, Charlene Bayes
Jr Youth Winners: Karissa Enders, Jack Richardson, Danielle Siqouin


20120624 Rockin’H


Open Winners: Carther Rice, Brad Richardson, Wally McComish
Ten Winners: Karl McGillicky, Alex Hansen, Darryl Bruce
Seven Winners: Doug Ohlmann, Heather Stairs, Pernell Relitz
Five Winners: Faye Birrell, Dale Lattery, Amy Sawby
Jr Youth Winners: Addison Hull, Heather Bowing, Serenity Enders


20120623 Rockin’H


Open Winners: Darryl Bruce, Jen Robson, Kurt Robson
Ten Winners: Delaine Torris, Cliff Denham, Jody Steenbergen
Seven Winners: Doug Morris, Miles Wright, Bill Enticknap
Five Winners: Mandy Royko, Sheila Walker, Doug Ohlmann
Sr Youth Winners: Charlene Bayes, Hope Enders, Josh Kubik
Jr Youth Winners: Hadyn Ohlmann, Harold Bayes, Brianna Sigouin


20120527 KJEN


Open Winners:
Ten Winners:
Seven Winners:
Five Winners:
Senior Youth Winners:
Junior Youth Winners:


20120526 KJEN


Open Winners: JT Bell, Johaanne Duquet, Josie Abraham
Ten Winners: Beau Reidel, Jody Reidel, Kurt Robson
Seven Winners: Craig Spangler, Julie Bland, Alex Hansen
Five Winners: Lindsay Gray, Leanne Murray, Brian Oblak
Senior Youth Winners: Shaelynn Enders, Charlene Bayes, Josie Abraham
Junior Youth Winners: Brianna Sigouin, Brayden Oblak, Larry Cressman


KJEN HiPoint


HiPoint Open Team:Bob Bolin, Wally McComish, Pat Bolin
Rider:Wally McComish
HiPoint Ten Team:Ron Scott, Dave Hueppelsheuser, Josie Abraham
Rider:Josie Abraham
HiPoint Seven Team:Charlene Bayes, Kim Brenda, Adeleen Bayes
Rider:Lori Bolin
HiPoint Five Team:Lindsay Gray, Leanne Murray, Brian Oblak
Rider:Brian Oblak
HiPoint Sr. Youth Rider: Josie Abraham HiPoint Jr Youth Rider: Brayden Oblak


20120506 Stettler

Open Class Winners: Wallace McComish, Ron Marcinek, Trevor Marcinek,
Ten Class Winners: Carther Rice, Lori Bolin, Vern Hamilton
Seven Class Winners: Ellwood Sawby (missing), Lindsay Gray, Brian Oblak
Five Class Winners: Reg Cox, Charlene Bayes, Bernie Felt
Jr. Youth Winners Cassidee McMullan, Bob Collinge, Mandy Schalk


20120505 Stettler


Open Class Winners: Jody Steenbergen, Trevor Marcinek, Pat Bolin
Ten Class Winners: Wallace McComish, Larry Cressman, Miles Wright
Seven Class Winners: Lori Bolin (missing), Larry David, Carmen Reiser
Five Class Winners: Brian Oblak, Leanne Murray, Lindsay Gray
Jr. Youth Winners Brayden Oblak, Bob Collinge, Mandy Schalk


20120414 TM


Open Class Winners: Brad Shuck, Barrie Price, Kurt Robson
Ten Class Winners: Dave Hueppelsheuser, Charlene Bayes, Harold Bayes
Seven Class Winners: Bernie Felt, Don Badry, Kirsten Ulvid
Five Class Winners: Vanessa Quartly, Charlene Smith, David Hiles
Senior Youth Winners: Charlene Bayes, Hope Enders, Josh Kubik


20120310 BullPen


Open Class Winners: Scott Cressman, Wally McComish, Kurt Robson
Ten Class Winners: Deanne McMullan, Cavan McMullan, Kendra Roberts
Seven Class Winners: Jim Gilbert, Adeleen Bayes, Villy Sorensen
Five Class Winners: Doug Ohlmann, Mandy Royko, Ken Royko
Senior Youth Winners: Charlene Bayes, Shaelynn Enders, Hope Enders
Junior Youth Winners: Hadyn Ohlmann, Larry Huelsman, Brayden Oblak