New Board Motions for 2015

 Motions From November 19, 2014

  1. Cavan moved that the senior youth goes to 60 seconds and the junior youth goes to 75.  It will be draw only.  The junior orientation will be mandatory and in conjunction with the beginner’s clinic and juniors will be split into 2 groups junior and novice.  And the four person committee will run the above.  It will require 5 shows to qualify for awards.   Steve seconded it.  Motion was carried.


  1. .  Ellwood moved that only teams that make the third back get points and it should depend on final standings in the class.  There will be a point for every team you beat in the class.  There will be 10 bonus points distributed among the ten teams, for the top 10.  This will be the case in all numbered classes.  This will be the format for the regular season and finals shows. Brad seconded.  Motion was carried, all in favour.
  2. Example:
Final Standings points
1 57 Teams in class 48
2 55 Points awarded till team # 16
3 53
4 51
5 49
6 47
7 45
8 43
9 41
10 39
11 37
12 36
13 35
14 34
15 33
16 32






  1. Brad moved that the following recommendations be implemented:
  2. Start time of 8:00.
  3. Rider rep for all classes (Beckie will outline their responsibilities)
  4. Gate usher for all classes
  5. Cavan seconded.  It was carried unanimously.


  1. Brad moved that we run the first 2 runs of the open, then the first go of the 10, then the top 10 of the open, then the third back in the ten, the youth warm-up and then the top 10 in the ten class.  The seven and five will stay the same except that the 5 will go to 60 seconds.  There will be a top 10 in the 7 and 5 as well.  There will be third back in each class.  People will have to pen cattle in each go.  If you don’t pen in the third go, you don’t get a cheque.  Cody seconded the motion.  It was passed with all in favour.


  1. Vicky moved that we put the motions on the website.  Ellwood seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Brad moved that we pay the judge, the line official and the time 0.25 more a team.  Brian seconded.  Motion carried.  All in favour.


 Motions From January, 14, 2015

  1. Ellwood moved that we produce all the shows this year.  Beckie seconded. All in Favor
  2. Cavan moved that for the 2015 season we have only 9 shows.  Cody seconded.  It was carried.
  3. Brad moved that rule number 5 will be changed to 7 out of 9 for points.  Steve seconded.  It was carried.
  4. Brian moved that rule 16 be changed to 6 out of 9 and 5 out of 9.   Cavan seconded.  It was carried.
  5. Beckie moved that we get rid of the saddle for the finals and replace it with another award.  Ellwood seconded.  It was carried.
  6. Insurance Costs:  Ellwood has found out that ATSA will need separate insurance.  If we are not putting on the sorting, our insurance will not cover a sorting put on by another association.  Our insurance is inadequate.  It only has 2 million liability and no director’s insurance.  The extra coverage will cost an extra $750(estimate) for director’s insurance.  Capri out of Kelowna manage AEF equine insurance.  If every on of our members had AEF coverage our total insurance bill would be $1250.  There is going to be a push for every one to have an AEF membership.  Ellwood suggested that we try to do it for next year.   Ellwood moved that we get directors insurance.  Beckie seconded.  It was passed unanimously.
  7. Brad moved that due to the economics of cattle, the club uses the same cattle both days of a double header, with the stipulation that we have 2 more herds than required and the herds will be mixed on the second day.  Ellwood seconded.  It was carried.

Motions From Feb 11,2015

Insurance:  Vicky presented a quote for insurance.  Her quote was for $1710 for CATPA insurance and directors insurance.  If we get AEF insurance, it will go down next year.  Vicky moved that we go with Capri Insurance for $5million and directors and officers liability insurance for $1710.  Cavan seconded.  It was carried unanimously.

Motions From May 6, 2015


Vicky made the following motion via email:  That the cattle shared between ATSA and CATPA be equally split in cost, whichever organization, ATSA orCATPA requiring additional cattle will be responsible for that cost.Kurt brought up that Cavan got us the cattle producer and the cheaper prices.  Shanon brought up that at the time, Cavan was a director on both boards.Kurt added that a single day show is not feasible at $65.00 per head.Shanon suggested that a two day show to make it feasible was an option.Beckie felt that we have made a mistake in this but a deal has been struck and we need to abide by it. Steve added that the split for this next show seems more equitable.Kurt brought up that we will be gaining money from the ATSA show as well. Shanon felt that this should have been further discussed before the first show.  Steve suggested that we take a little more time to think about things before voting in future.

Vicky’s motion was voted on.  It was defeated unanimously.

Cattle for Next Year:  Brian had spoken to Marty, our cattle supplier, and he wanted to know if he would be supplying cattle next year.  Brad moved that we use him for minimum 3 double headers.  Ellwood seconded.  It was passed unanimously.   Cody is going to speak to him.


Beckie moved that Ellwood be given a bye into the finals due to medical reasons (shoulder injury).  Brad seconded.  It was carried unanimously.