Current Bulletins

The Beginners Clinic is now full with a waiting list!  If you are interested in being added to the waiting list please email your information to info@catpa.ca


Charlie Memorial Penning Results:


1st Place: Josie Abraham, Lauren Oblack, Courtney Davis

2nd Place: Ron Marcinek, Courtney Davis, Ben Thorlakson

3rd Place: Greg Sokolik, Micaela Cheek, Charmaine Prince

4th Place: Darlene RAe, Micaela Cheek, Tom Thorlakson

5th Place: Judy Davis, Jeannette Wilk, Josie Abraham


High Point Rider: Courtney Davis

Reserve High Point Rider: Graham Armstrong

High Point Youth Rider: Lauren Oblak


An amazing after penning dinner and drinks!

I just want to thank everyone who was involved in the manorial penning this past weekend whether you were a participant, judge, friend, family member, announcer, photographer, cook or anyone who was involved. It was great to see so many smiles and hear so many laughs. I was able to capture most of the awards that were presented. I do apologize if I missed anything. I will say that although I did not know Charlie from the stories that were told I’m sure he would have been proud with the event that was put on in his honor. (Mike Sibbald)

2018 Membership Forms are now posted.  Remember you get a discounted rate until February 28th, 2018.

If you would like more rating tags – they are $5.00 and can be ordered on your membership form.

2018 Showdates:

March 17th & 18th, 2018 – The Bullpen, Airdrie, AB

April 28th & 29th, 2018 – The Bullpen, Airdrie, AB

May 26th & 27th, 2018 – Robson Arena, Carstairs, AB

June 16th & 17th, 2018 – Oberlin Stables, Stettler, AB

July 21st & 22nd, 2018 – Robson Arena, Carstairs, AB

August 25th & 26th2018 – FINALS – The Bullpen, Airdrie, AB


Congratulations to all of the CATPA members who placed in the Nationals this weekend, especially Laura Kokesch who won the 7 class with her BC friends Angela Pigeon and Laurie Anderson. It was a wonderful event and great to see such good representation from our club.

Awards and Photos are all posted!

August 2017 COWmunicator

July 2017 COWmunicator

June 2017 COWmunicator

May 2017 CATPA COWmunicator

April 2017 COWmunicator

March #3 CATPA COWmunicator

March #2 CATPA COWmunicator

March CATPA COWmunicator

February CATPA COWmunicator

Finals Update and Information:

AGM August 25th 7:00pm @ Olds Arena

Saturday Start time will be 8:00AM

There WILL be a food truck during the day on Saturday.

Sunday Fun day start time will be 9:00AM – REMEMBER – everyone can enter twice – $100/entry. You can enter online on EPENNER.

Awards banquet will be after the finals – time will depend on when the finals end. We would hugely appreciate if we could get some help with clean up of the arena, set up for the banquet and clean up after the banquet. Anyone in need of completing their volunteer levy or just want to be awesome and lend a helping hand please let one of the board members know that you are willing to help and we will find you a job 

Banquet dinner is potluck! CATPA is donating BBQ’d steak for dinner so bring your best side dish, salad, and/or dessert. PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER THE AMOUNT OF DINNER TICKETS ON EPENNER YOUR PARTY WILL NEED SO WE CAN BE SURE TO HAVE ENOUGH STEAK FOR EVERYONE.

There will be a calcutta at the banquet for the fun day teams again this year. Teams will be drawn and grouped. So when you buy a team – you will get TWO teams!!!! Calcutta payout is 80%.

Fun Day payouts – 60% paying 2 spots for the overall winners. Each event will be paying 5% to the winning team.

NOTE: Due to the larger number of entries, a busy day and managing cattle numbers – We will NOT be accepting any entries after Thursday at 8:00PM and any late entries from Tuesday 8:00pm to Thursday 8:00PM WILL BE CHARGED A LATE FEE of $30/team ($10/person) – No exceptions.

Please pass this along so everyone gets the updates.



West Country RV Rentals (Daren Schwieger) and Rockin H Arena will be supplying meat for the Bowden show Saturday night potluck.  A huge thank you to them. So bring your best salad or dessert!!

CATPA AGM – August 25th, 2017 – Olds Big Top 7:00pm

Please send any agenda items to info@catpa.ca prior to August 10th, 2017


2017 Rules and Regulations page have been updated


Please go to the sponsor page to check out our 2017 sponsor package.


Don Badry is unable to pen this up and coming year due to a horse accident that has left him with a broken neck/back.  He has asked to post and let everyone know as he does not have everyone’s contacts and is unable to come back home at this time.  He is bound and determined to rest up and be ready for the end of the year.  Please send healing thoughts his way.


  • You may enter up to 5 times within the 10/8 Class – You must have at least 1 within the other.  For example: you can have 4 – 10s with 1 – 8, 4 – 8s with 1 – 10, 3 – 10s with 2 – 8s etc.
  • The regular 10 Class entry fee is $45
  • The 8 Incentive entry fee is $55
  • If you enter the 8 Incentive you have a chance to win that extra pot of money.  The extra $10 you pay is 100% payback.
  • You do not HAVE to enter the 8 Incentive is your team is rated 8 or less within the 10 class.  You can pay the regular $45 but then you will not be eligible to win the 8 Incentive extra money.
  • The points will all go toward the 10 class as a whole, there are no separate points
  • Any Questions/Concerns contact Jerry Houghton

OPEN CLASS & OPEN LTD are now handicapped with half a second off for every number under 21. You may now change out only 1 rider and enter 4 times in each the open and the open ltd. Also note there will be no points calculated throughout the year for the Open/Open Ltd handicap class.

 The Rating Changes have been updated on the membership page.


Information on our 2017 Saturday Night Mystery Events that CATPA will be putting on at our double header shows.

Get your 2017 Memberships in early to get the discounted rate.  Pay now to save $25 off your 2017 membership.  New membership forms are on the membership page.

The CTCPA is pleased to announce that Ken Hildebrandt has accepted the position of Rating/Judge Coordinator with the CTCPA. Ken H. will be starting Sept 26, 2016.




I know that many of our members are concerned about the volunteer levy and that the tasks might not be something they would choose to do. Please look at list of just a few of the items below that we will need help with throughout the year and think about how you may be willing to support the club. For the most part, many of you are helping in various ways already.

  • Opening and closing the gate for the riders.
  • Settling cattle.
  • Putting up or taking down banners.
  • Cleaning up bottles and garbage at the end of the show.
  • Organizing the stall assignment for one show.
  • Assisting with the medical team in case of an incident.
  • Timing, announcing, or judging the youth classes.
  • Helping at the year end celebration.
  • Putting up orders of go etc. for the office staff.
  • Running judging sheets to the office.

Because CATPA is putting on all of the shows ourselves this year, the volunteers are an important and essential part of the team. We appreciate everyone’s effort.


In the spirit of having a bit of fun, some of the penning organizations have implemented what is called a “2 PLUS” class. This is strictly a draw class, with two number 1 penners riding with a higher numbered penner. The #1s pay the regular $25 entry fee and the higher number pays $10. The payouts are 35% to each of the #1’s and 30% to the higher number. There are no cattle charges for the class, it is a jackpot event with 80% payout. We will take entries on the Saturday of the first show and run the class after the 5 class. Those who have participated tell us that it is a great class and one that you would want to be a part of.


Due to insurance reasons, memberships MUST be paid before anyone is to enter the arena at any show. This includes warming up. So please if you have not already, be sure to get your membership forms filled out and in ASAP.
Hope to see you at the show.

Arena entrance

To All Members:

The CATPA board would like to ask if there are members who have valuable medical skills should there be an unfortunate incident at any of our shows. If you possess any skills of this nature and would like to be part of a team to assist in the event of an emergency, please let us know. It would certainly be an opportunity to meet your volunteer hours. Thanks and let us know if you are willing to be a part of this important team. Thanks so much for your support in this important endeavor.



Visit our Sponsors page, support those who generously support CATPA. If you would like to be a sponsor or if you know someone who would, please contact a director, or check out our CATPA Sponsorship packages 2016.


The rules and regulations must be read and understood by all members. There are several changes for 2017. Read them all and don’t say you didn’t know!!!