Board Motions for 2016 Season

Motions from the 2015 AGM for the upcoming 2016 Season


Vicky Lattery moved to appoint Olsen and Jolie as our Accounting firm again this year.    Kurt seconded it.

Vote: Unanimous

Top 10 in the 7 and 5

Vanessa moved that we drop the top 10 in the top 7 and 5.  It was seconded by Tom Cottrel

Brian opined that it was good because it makes for better penners.  Bill Enticknap responded that the top 10 in the open and 10 might have the cream rising to the top but in the 7 and 5, it’s a cow draw.  Don Badry brought up that if you eliminate the top 10 then you don’t have to wait for the top ten at the very end of the day.  Wally McCommish added that the 5 class would be better served with a half back and no half 10.  Ellwood said that they have had it in the States for 14 years and it has certainly improved penning.

the vote was 17 for and 8 against.    The motion is carried.

Splitting 5 and 7 class

Sheila Walker moved that we split the 7 and the 5 class.  Ken seconded it.

Don Badry mentioned that we had the largest 5 class and that we went from 12 to 60 teams.  Kirstin Ulvild brought up that we will lose the 5 class.  Darren said that by the time the 3 and 4 class goes at the sortings, everyone has left.    Sheila Walker made the motion so that it can shorten people’s days.  Vicky Lattery brought up on 2 day shows there will be more people there on the Saturday.  Kathy Cummins reiterated Wally’s point that not every decision should be made around the 5.  Wally said that more people would ride the 7 class if it was split.

13 votes for and 13 against.   Revote:  13 for 14 against.  6 people abstained.

Draw in the Open Class

Open Class Draw (1X)  Minimum 3 rider:  Wally  felt that it should be limited to one time.  Kurt said that in order to draw one, they need to enter one.

Ellwood moved that each penner (3 or higher) who enters one team in the open, the next team must be a draw team.  There will be a limit of one draw team.  Jerry seconded it.  Becky clarified that the point of it is to encourage more 3s to ride the open.  To further clarify, if you enter a limited team it does not apply. Bill Wyatt and Kirstin Ulvild asked how does that work if there’s a 2 who wants to ride the open.  Wally McComish suggested that it’s not fair for the other riders to draw a 2.  The draw team will never qualify for year end prizes.

Vote:  7 in favour, 6 against Passed

Possibility of a Volunteer Bond like the North Association:

Bill Enticknap explained that at the start of the year you pay $125 bond at the start.  There are volunteer lists that you can sign up for.  If you do your volunteer hours, you get your money back.  In the North, that is the norm.  Vikki agreed and felt that we won’t get a board to work that hard.  Bill Wyatt feels that it is more money for people to pay.  Vikki Milne brought up that people would have the option to volunteer to recoup the money.  Chuck McNeil moved that we have a money volunteer system for all members.  Ellwood Sawby seconded it.  Don Badry suggested that we include a form to see who wants to volunteer.

Vote:  21 in favor, 4 against.  Passed.

Change point system

Kirstin moved that we get points for any cattle we pen in the 7 and the 5.   Bill Wyatt seconded it.  Brad explained that points are always based on final standings.

Vote:  All in favour 4  Against 8  Defeated.

Motions October Meeting

Tom moved that we adopt  Tom’s proposal for the first show with the increased fees of $65 for the open/$80 for the limited, $60 for the 10, $50 for the 7 and $45 for the 5.  We will evaluate it afterwards as to the rest.  Laura seconded it.  It was carried.

Jerry moved that Vicki take over the bookkeeping.  Laura seconded.  It was passed unanimously.

November 2 Meeting

Laura moved that Tom’s proposal.  This amends the previous motion.  Laura made the motion in Tom’s stead.

Steve moved that the 7 and 5 classes will again have half back if less than 70 teams.  If there are 70 or more, there will be a third back.  Bev seconded.  It was carried unanimously.

November 30th Meeting

Laura moved that we implement a $10 cattle fee per day for each rider in every class, the fee will be charged only one time regardless of how many classes the rider is in excluding junior and senior youth. Ron seconded.  It was carried unanimously.

Jan. 11th  2016 Meeting

Tom moved that there would be 6 entries in the limited open/open class.  Upon entering one team in the open, the penner will automatically be required to enter the draw.  Five teams can be picked with one draw and they need to be 2 & 3 entries per class according to last year’s rules.  No points, individual or team will be given to the draw team.  Some penners might not get draw teams, depending on how the numbers work out.    To be entered in the draw,  penners must enter one open team.   Brian seconded. 
Ron moved that Vicky has the authority to submit the Society Annual Return.  Bev seconded. 

Feb 8th 2016

Jerry moved that, if the bylaws allow, we will have a revote on the open draw team motion from the AGM.  Ron seconded.  It was carried unanimously.

March 21st, 2016

Jerry moved that we cancel the open draw team and leave it as it was previously in 2015.  Ron seconded it. Passed

Brian moved that we pay Twist Marketing $475 plus GST for three years of website services.  Laura seconded.  It was carried unanimously.

Bev moved that we get rid of the $10 cattle charge. Brian seconded.  It was carried.

April 1 2016

Vicki made a motion that we change the 5 class and youth back to 75 seconds for 2016. Seconded by Brian. Motion passed

Motions from CATPA Annual General Meeting August 26, 2016

Motion by Brad Richardson: Olsen and Jolly be appointed as accountants for the 2016 season. Seconded by Vikki Milne. Carried.

Motion by Brad Richardson: Open class changes to an open handicap with a half a second off for every number under 21. You have to change only one rider and can enter four times in the open and four times in the 11 limited open. There will be no year end points awarded in either of these classes. Seconded by Laura Kokesh. Carried.

Motion by Bill Enticknap: The 10, 7, and 5 classes remain the same as the 2016 year. Seconded by Don Badry. Defeated.

Motion by Ellwood Sawby: We have a limited 8 class within the 10 class, with a total of 4 rides only.  Seconded by Greg McAllister. Carried.

Motion by Brad Richardson: We eliminate all the year-end points and increase the payouts. Seconded by Greg McAllister. Defeated.

Motion by Bob Norman: The 7 and 5 classes remain the same for the 2017 season. Brad Richardson seconded. Carried.


CATPA Directors Meeting September 19, 2016 

Motion by Ron Marcinek: All elected officials for the organization, president, vice president, secretary and treasurer remain the same for the 2017 season. Seconded by Jerry Houghton. Carried.


CATPA Directors Meeting October 17, 2016

Motion by Laura Kokesh:  We incorporate a $25 weekend pass for non-members where the volunteer levy is waived. Seconded by Bev Mailer. Carried.