2015 Pictures

2015 Year End Awards Pictures

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Open Class

DSC07174 DSC07173 - Copy  DSC07171 - Copy
1st Place – Jeff Diegle, Ron Marcinek, and Jack Richardson  2nd Place – Jerry Houghton, Jen Fleming, and Ron Marcinek, 3rd Place – Cavan McMullan, Kurt Robson,and Brad Richardson 

Ltd Open Class

DSC07178 DSC07177 DSC07175


 1st Place – Ron Marcinek, Jack Richardson, and Jeff Diegle 2nd Place – Jerry Houghton, Jen Fleming, and Ron Marcinek  3rd Place – Wally McComish, Dave Hueppelsheuser, and Mason Cockx (Missing)

10 Class

DSC07183 DSC07181 DSC07179


1st Place – Josie Abrahams, Kelly Feth, and Sandi Feth 2nd Place – Jerry Houghton, Wendy Wenaas, and Bev Mailer  3rd Place – Bev Mailer, Jeff Diegle, and Bill Enticknap 

7 Class

 DSC07186  DSC07185  DSC07184
1st Place- Cody Walker, Bill Enticknap, and Bev Mailer  2nd Place – Cody Walker, Shiela Walker, and Jack Richardson  3rd Place – Cody Walker, Dayna McComish, and Savannah Rummary (missing) 

5 Class

DSC07192 DSC07189 DSC07188
1st Place – Sharon Schweiger, Braydon Oblak, and Brian Oblak  2nd – Place Daren Schweiger, Dayna McComish , and Brian Oblak  3rd Place – Amy Sawby, Sharon Schweiger, and Faye Birrell 

Year End High Point Riders

 DSC07197  DSC07196 DSC07195
 Open High Class Point Rider – Ron Marcinek   Ltd Open Class High Point Rider – Ron Marcinek    10 Class High Point Rider – Bev Mailer
DSC07194 DSC07193 - Copy
 7 Class High Point Rider – Cody Walker    5 Class High Point Rider – Daren Schwieger

2015 Youth Awards

 DSC07203  DSC07200  DSC07201  DSC07198
Sr Youth – Daniella Sigoin, Addison Hull, Meaghan Bundas, Brayden Oblak, and Danny Lesage (Missing) Brianna Sigoin High Point Sr Youth Rider – Brayden Oblak  Jr Youth – Teagan Walker, Lauren Oblak, and Daryn Lesage  High Point Jr Youth Rider – Lauren Oblak 

2015 Individual Awards

DSC07204 DSC07205 DSC07206 DSC07199
Howard Krebbs      Award – Dayna McComish Linda Birrell       Award – Kathy Cummings  Elwood Sawby Award – Meaghan Bundus  Clean Sweep Award – Cody Walker 

Cam Clark Series Winners 2015


Open Class and Ltd. Open Class Series Winners – Jerry Houghton, Jen Fleming and Ron Marcinek – Presented By Sue Brown

 DSC07208  10 Class Series Winners – Bill Enticknap, Kim Shuck, and Jason Maendel (missing)  –  Presented by Sue Brown
 DSC07209  7 Class Series Winners – Cody Walker, Sheila Walker, and Jack Richardson – Presented by Sue Brown
 DSC07210 5 Class Series Winners – Sharon Schwieger, Brayden Oblak, and Brian Oblak – Presented by Sue Brown 
DSC07213  Sr Youth  High Point series winners – Brayden Oblak, Addison Hull, and Danny Lesage – Presented by Sue Brown
 DSC07212  High Point Jr Youth series winners – Lauren Oblak and Dallas Relitz (missing) – Presented By Sue Brown

2015 Regional Finals Winners

Open Class

DSC07269  DSC07268 DSC07267
 1st Place – Brad Richardson, Jerry Houghton, and Jack Richardson   2nd Place – Bob Bolin, Wendy Wenaas, and Pat Bolin    3rd Place – Larry Cressman, Brad Richardson and Josie Abrahams 
 DSC07272 DSC07271
Reserve High Point Rider, Open Class – Brad Richardson     High Point Rider, Open Class – Josie Abrahams

Ltd Open Class

 DSC07276 DSC07275 DSC07273
 1st Place – Savannah Rummery, Wendy Wenaas, and Jody Riedel   2nd Place – Dave  Hueppelsheuser, Kim Shuck, and Brad Shuck(missing)   3rd Place –  Pat Bolin, Sandi Feth, and Mason Cockx 
 DSC07278 DSC07277
 High Point Rider, Ltd Open Class – Wendy Wenaas   Reserve High Point Riders, Ltd Open Class – Savannah Rummery and Jody Riedel 

10 Class

 DSC07292 DSC07288  DSC07291
 1st Place – Sandra Clipperton, Kelly Feth, and Danielle Milne    2nd Place – Wally McComish, Dayna McComish, and Jack Richardson    3rd Place – Savannah Rummery, Will Hansen, and Cassidee McMullan
 DSC07294 DSC07295
 High Point Rider, 10 Class – Wally McComish   Reserve High Point Rider, 10 Class – Will Hansen 

7 Class

 DSC07301  DSC07298 DSC07296
 1st Place – Cody Walker, Sheila Walker, and Jack Richardson  2nd Place – Cavan McMullan, Cassidee McMullan, and Shawn Seabrook    3rd Place – Shiela Walker, Savannah Rummery, and Cassidee McMullan

 High Point Rider, 7 Class – Shiela Walker

Reserve High Point Rider, 7 Class – Shawn Seabrook

5 Class

 DSC07286 DSC07284 DSC07280
 1st Place – Dale Lattery, Daren Schwieger, and Steve Vallance   2nd Place – Daren Schwieger, Dayna McComish, and Brian Oblak    3rd Place – Daren Schwieger, Sharon Schwieger, and Beau Reidel (missing) 
 DSC07289 DSC07290
 High Point Rider, 5 Class – Sharon Schweiger   Reserve High Point Rider – Daren Schwieger 

Sr Youth Class

 DSC07265 DSC07263
 Sr. Youth 1st Place – Danny LeSage, Brayden Oblak, and Danielle Sigoin    Sr. Youth 2nd Place – Meaghan Bundus, Danny Lesage, and Danielle Sigoin
 High Point Sr. Youth Rider – Danny LeSage

Jr Youth Class

DSC07260 DSC07259
 Jr. Youth 1st Place_ Daryn Lesage, Wally McComish, and Teagan Walker   Jr. Youth 2nd Place – Daryn Lesage, Larry Cressman, and Lauren Oblak  
 High Point Jr. Youth Rider – Daryn Le Sage